My Teaching Philosophy, by Amr A. Wady.

Teaching purpose

Teaching Purpose:

First of all, actually, to be honest, when I was a primary school and secondary school student, I started learning the English language as a target language in an official school as an obligatory target language and I really liked it, but I hated the ordinary way of teaching it and I wanted to be an innovative English teacher someday because I really liked it not only because I found it an easy language to learn as a target language, but also I found that the English language has its own music, rhythm, and fun as well. But, unfortunately, I could not join the Faculty of Arts or Education at that time because of the low marks I got at that time in the last year of the secondary school. So, I joined the Faculty of Law and after graduating, one of my clients asked me to contact with a company in the English language; I did not use it for a long time, I barely remembered little words to communicate with them. Since that time I realized the importance of the English language to communicate with other people and do a good business. I worked for a company, for importing marine diesel engines and spare parts, I worked as a consultant. We contracted with another company called “Myco Engineering”, in the UK and they sent us an invitation to visit their company to inspect the engines, the spare parts, and discuss and sign a contract there. Then, we went to the British Embassy in Cairo, but they refused our documents. So, we contacted the other company to inform them that they refused their invitation. After that, the manager of the other company contacted with a Parliament Member in the UK and he contracted with the British Embassy in Cairo again and he told them that we are going to do a good business with them and we should get a visa to travel to inspect the engines, the spare parts, and sign the contract there. Finally, we went to the British Embassy in Cairo and they accepted our papers this time, we got a visa at that time, and we travelled to the UK and we did a great business there. When I got back home, I decided to improve my English language and I took a lot of different courses- offline and online courses in the English language and I reached the advanced level of English and a high level of proficiency in English and I got a lot of certificates in the English language and linguistics as well.

Secondly, I heard about the Specialization in the English teaching (Teach English Now) and I enrolled in the Specialization because I want to deepen and broaden my knowledge of the teaching ways and enhance my skills, methods, and techniques in it and teaching English, and developing my teaching style as well. I want to be an inspirational English teacher and a motivated English teacher as well.

As for me, short-term of teaching goals; It’s important to think about the manners. The learners of the target language will be able to determine the meaning of new vocabulary in the text and they will demonstrate their understanding of the text at the same time.
As for me, long-term teaching goals; I want to help learners of another language to gain their confidence and fluency while learning the second language of their target language. So that, they are willing to produce the target language in ease and in a fluent way.

My teaching style is most closely aligned with the Communicative Approach (1980), and Affective Humanistic Approach (1970). I knew that most teachers prefer using the Communicative Approach in their classroom. But, I believe not only just grammar and vocabulary knowledge are most important to communicate with the target language, but also the learners need to love other language cultures and places, to use the language in real-life situations, to connect people together in order to create an opportunity and awareness. As for me, I always want my students to keep in their mind that the purpose of learning the English language which is to connect to people and communicate with other peoples as well. I often use the game as a strategy to make my teaching process unique. I learned that what makes the learner not forget is a unique experience. I am giving my learners opportunities to speak in the target language with confidence and ease. I used to use 3D visual aids and puzzles to make fun activities. There are tons of times that I am using authentic materials, such as newspapers, professional’s books, films, and literature to help my learners to realize that anything that they have at hand can be used for learning the target language. So, I really like to help students to gain confidence so that they are willing to produce the target language (The English language). As an ESL teacher, I really respect my students’ feelings as they learn a second language.
Meanwhile, I suggest these mental processes I can use from the Affective Humanistic Approach a relaxed and comfortable environment where students remove psychological barriers in the learning process trying to gain confidence through multiple concert and dramatization to encourage experimentation of the language that allows my students will be more creative and spontaneous. As a teacher, we need to understand the learners’ strategies as well.

I have studied English from high school and I have been watching TV shows for the kids, but only when I went for the first time on student program in my hometown, I realized how much more is knowing a language and how many doors can help me to open and how many emotions it can help me to experience.
I have past experience tutoring in primary school kids, the warm feeling and the satisfaction I had after, the classes were amazing, especially when I see in the eyes of the students, how much enjoyable it was for them too.
I want to teach professionally to get that feeling of satisfaction every time I go to class and to combine my passion for travelling around the world with teaching students from every part of the globe.

My short term goal for teaching will be to make my classroom and my classes save places for the students, where they enjoy and come with passion every time to learn the language.

In long term, I want my students to realize knowing another language is power that can open your whole universe and can help you to get more knowledge for everything in the world, make new friends, learn new cultures, help you to travel around the globe, and it gives you an amazing emotions. 🙂